[MC]2 Conference

Thank you for attending the [MC]2 Conference!

The third [MC]2 2014 MTConnect: Connecting Manufacturing Conference, organized by the MTConnect Institute, ended on a high note on April 10th for more than 150 manufacturers, software developers, technology builders, and technology distributors who gathered to immerse themselves in learning high-tech data solutions that are being implemented in manufacturing.

For videos of the conference presentations, click:
April 8 Sessions
April 9 Sessions
April 10 Sessions

Mark your calendars for the next [MC]2 Conference, April 28-30, in Chicago, IL!

[MC]2 2014 MTConnect: Connecting Manufacturing Conference Attendees Come Away Educated, Connected and Inspired

The third [MC]2 - MTConnect: Connecting Manufacturing Conference organized by the MTConnect Institute ended on a high note April 10 for the 150 attendees who gathered to immerse themselves in learning about advancements in data-driven manufacturing.
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MTConnect Challenge Winners

Congratulations to the MTConnect Challenge Winner Valerie Pezzullo of Clemson University for her solution, Machining Process Monitoring to Aid in Chatter Identification. Click here for more information about the Challenge.

IMTSTV In Brief: Tending the Garden of Microprocessors

We produce more than 10 billion microprocessors every year. The world will soon contain a trillion computers, and most of them will inter-communicate. Making such a world work in an effective and humane way is a challenge without precedent. We spoke to Peter Lucas, Founding Principal, MAYA Design, at the MTConnect Conference in Orlando, Florida.